Why Adding Value To Your Home Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

Whether you’re taking on a property with the intention of moving on at a later date or you’re prepared to call it your forever home, increasing its value is always a worthwhile pursuit. There are a number of ways to achieve an increased market value and better improve your return on investment, with many relying on passive growth that comes solely from better housing markets. Others, however, are more proactive and make small changes over time, slowly increasing the value of their home.

It may seem that doing so is expensive and, when considering large projects such as attic conversions and extensions, this predicted cost is accurate. However, what is more important than the initial cost is the return on investment. This is because a large upfront cost is negated if the benefit is outweighed down the line.

Even more appealing and in the interest of homeowners across the country, are the low-cost renovations and projects that can be taken on, those that are initially affordable and ultimately very lucrative. Here are some examples.

Remove Carpet

No longer is carpet held in the regard that it once was. Between its inclination to deteriorate and the regular upkeep it requires, homeowners are moving away from carpet and favouring hardwood flooring instead. Hardwood floors benefit a room’s sense of space, as well as its brightness, improving the overall feel of a room.

Vinyl flooring and laminates are low-cost alternatives to wood but with eco-friendly options like bamboo becoming more widely available at an affordable price, few homes need to compromise on quality.

Fresh Paint

Restoring the surfaces of your home with a fresh coat of paint is one of the most tried and tested ways of increasing a home’s value. The deterioration of paint hinders the impression a space can make, happening so gradually that many homeowners don’t immediately notice.

Freshening up key rooms, those that affect a home’s value the most, such as bathrooms and kitchens with a neutral paint is a low-cost way of improving your home’s appearance and will have a positive effect on your property value too.

Build Outdoors

Garden outbuildings are simple and affordable purchases that offer a huge benefit to homeowners, extending their living space. Annexes and log cabins have become popular as home office spaces and guest houses too.

Many outbuildings are predesigned to meet local regulations and, promising that you have the space, they are an incredibly appealing asset to potential buyers.

Improve EPC

With rising energy costs, a home’s Energy Performance Certificate has become a point of focus for potential buyers. This is because taking on a home with a poor rating will mean significant costs down the line, or even the inability to mortgage a property without substantial renovation.

There are, thankfully, a number of small and large improvements that can be made within a home to improve its EPC rating, from boiler replacements and new windows to more efficient light bulbs and additional insulation.

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