We Offer a Homicide Cleanup Service

When a homicide happens, those most closely impacted by it should not be the ones to clean it up. They are involved in handling the raw emotions they will need to focus on working through. We partner with local authorities and community agencies to offer a homicide cleanup service that assists them in a practical way.

We have experience cleaning up a variety of types of crimes, and we are especially familiar with homicides. The blood spills that happen at homicide scenes should be handled carefully because they have bloodborne pathogens that have the potential to cause infection. We also handle suicide and traumatic death scenes and ensure that the area in all situations is properly disinfected.

We want to return the crime scene to its original state, if that is possible. We focus on cleaning up the area thoroughly first, though. When we can, we ensure that the area is returned to its previous condition. There are times when we have to discard certain items and materials, like carpeting, flooring, and drywall, and we may need to remove them so that the area can be properly disinfected. Items we discard are too contaminated to restore, and that makes them dangerous. We try to restore any items of sentimental value to our clients whenever we can.

Our technicians are certified to clean up biologically hazardous situations, such as homicide scenes. They follow the law closely about how to responsibly clean up homicide scenes. This is critical to minimize the risk of infection to themselves and the general public. You can depend on our technicians to put safety first and to make sure that everything is properly disinfected. If a body is decomposed and it becomes necessary, we will also help deodorize the space to help return it to its previous condition.

Our clients are always at the very core of our work. We proceed with a light footprint to demonstrate respect for the working and living spaces of our clients. We respect their privacy and confidentiality and do our work as discreetly as possible. When we are called, we usually arrive within an hour and finish cleaning just a few hours later. We never sacrifice the quality of our work for speed, however. If you ever find that you need our homicide cleanup service, know that we are here to support you on the path to healing.

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