Summer Gardening Checklist

The summer season is the perfect time to go out and do a lot of outdoor activities like swimming at the beach, sunbathing, traveling, picnic dates, etc. It’s also the perfect time to do gardening chores. Summer is an exciting time for gardeners with all the crops, flowers, and plants that thrive during this season. Here’s a checklist to help you get started on your summer planting activities.

  • Plan

Start with a weekly plan or a daily activity guide. You can plan out for the rest of the summer and during the beginning of fall. Decide which plants you want to have in your garden. Pick the best hour for watering during the day and how you’d water your plants; some ideas from to help you get started. There are a lot more activities you can plan for, and you can add more as you go along with it.

  • Water The Plants

During summer, the weather would mostly be sunny, and the temperature may rise, be smart about your watering methods. It wouldn’t be necessary to water your plants abundantly every day; you can do this once or twice a week or as much as needed. Watering at night sometimes feel like a good idea, but this can cause fungus growth due to the moisture and warmth. The best time to water your plants would be early morning.

  • Mulch

Aside from water, your plants can get more nutrients and grow healthier with the help of mulch. Mulch is placed on top of the soil, which helps with the conservation of soil moisture, improvement of fertility, reducing weed growth, and additional nutrients for your plants. There are mulching services Sydney at Amico that helps with providing you the best mulch for your plants and applying them evenly.

  • Pruning

Always watch out for diseased or damaged parts of your plants; it slows down the growth of your plants. Pruning or cutting these parts should be done as soon as possible before it spreads out to your garden. Another thing is to look out for weeds that may start to grow in your garden; they steal the nutrients of the soil and can spread faster. Lastly, deal with pests as soon as you see any sign of them. Summer is when most pests start to linger in gardens. Know what type of pest you’re dealing with and use the right products.

  • Shade

If your garden is exposed to sunlight throughout the day, you may consider putting up a shade to protect your plants from being overexposed. You can use a tree for shade, a net, an umbrella, anything that can protect your plants from too much sunlight but can still get enough sunlight for the day.

  • Add More Color

It would also be nice to add a little more color to your garden by planting summer blooms like shrub roses, sunflowers, dahlias, marigolds, daisies, etc.

Final Word

A lot of gardening activities can be done during the summer. Here’s another tip watering in the middle of the day is not advisable; the soil absorbs water faster than the roots. Be sure also to keep yourself hydrated while working during hot days.

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