Should I Use a Wallpaper Primer for My Wallpaper Project?

Wallpapers provide an excellent option for painting your space. However, wallpapers can be challenging to apply since you will require a smooth surface to slide the large sheets into position. Also, wallpapers tend to be difficult to remove since they stick to the wall. The good news is that there is a product available that makes applying and removing wallpaper super easy. Wallpaper primer by ROMAN helps you hit that perfect spot allowing the wallpaper to stick well to the wall. This primer does its job while ensuring that it will not cause damage to the wall’s surface during the removal process. Check below to learn more about wallpaper primers.    

What is a Wallpaper Primer?

Also known as wallpaper sizing, a wallpaper primer is a liquid-based barrier applied to the wallpaper to assist with its installation. Wallpaper primer also makes it easy to remove the wallpaper in case you need a change. 

What Do Wallpapers Do?

Helps in Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper sizing fills all pores in absorbent surfaces, thus establishing a smooth surface for sliding the wallpaper into a perfect position. Usually, eggshell gloss paints, matte, uncoated or flat walls can develop a drag that makes it difficult to slide the wallpaper. The wallpaper sizing allows the wallpaper glue to do its work, preventing it from being absorbed by the wall pores. 

Wallpaper Removal

Primarily, the wallpaper primer provides a shield between the wall and wallpaper glue. Therefore, the wallpaper removal process is easier as the glue bonds tightly with its substrate. The more pores a wall has, the greater the bond. The wallpaper sizing works by filling those pores, thus reducing adhesiveness. 

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the wallpaper does not make the removal process completely effortless. Also, it does guarantee that your wall will remain in pristine condition; rather, it reduces the negative impact of the removal process significantly. 

How Do I Know if I Need Wallpaper Primer?

  • Water Absorption

One of the significant factors that can help you determine whether you need a wallpaper primer is water absorption. Therefore you should test a wall section to determine its water absorption rate. If you rub in a few water drops on the wall and it turns dark, this means it absorbs water quickly. Having a wallpaper primer for such a wall is essential. 

  • Poor Condition or Old Paint

Over time, paint breaks down when subjected to the sun’s rays both in the interiors and outdoors. Such surfaces will require the application of wallpaper sizing as they might have lost some gloss. 

  • Matte or Flat Paint Gloss

Matte or flat paint will always require a wallpaper primer. But, glossy or semi-glossy painted walls that are still in great condition may not need wallpaper primer since they do not absorb moisture well. 

  • Uncoated Surfaces

Using wallpaper primer is necessary if you apply wallpaper on any bare, uncoated wall. 

Other factors that can help determine if you need a wallpaper primer include dusty and primed walls. 

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