Residential and Commercial Solar – 3 Key Differences

Single homeowners and industrial enterprises both need solar power. Their electricity bills may vary, but their common concern is to keep their expenditures low while functioning in a safe physical building. Many companies also consider having an important ecological impact that has a favorable effect on their reputation. So, how the solar systems are different from those placed in private residences for power companies and are commissioned differently?

Not Much Room for Grey Area

Solar panels used for business installations are usually colored white. Although this is not a universal rule, it turns out more frequently than not to be the case. However, the consumer often has an option of black or white on the residential side for their solar panel Perth. This is not always the case for every solar system supplier. Contact us to find out what solutions for your property are available.


Residential dwellings have a sloped roof, which makes it difficult to install solar panels. Conversely, because of the installations that go up there, most commercial buildings have flat roofs. Installations of solar panels also follow this norm.


Coincidentally, residential and commercial solar panel systems do not differ considerably in pricing. This is mainly because, although there are different characteristics, the fundamental technology is the same and the majority of solar firms prize it for this technology, not for the other factors.

As is the case, it may not cost that much more to install commercial solar units in a luxury property than utilizing domestic solar. If you choose commercial solar panels Perth, Northern Perth Electric for a greener future, you will receive cheaper power prices and be able to be proud of a system.

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