Floor Mats – What Materials Are There

With floor mats like rubber scraper mats, which ensures that not too much dirt gets into the apartment on the shoes. This is what matters when buying and maintaining dirt control mats.

What Materials Are There?

Synthetic fiber mat: This material is best for indoor use. The synthetic fiber is easy to care for and absorbs dirt and moisture well. A synthetic fiber mat dries faster than mats made from natural fibers. The back of the mat is often made of rubber or vinyl. Unfortunately, there is usually no information about the material on the underside of the mat when you buy it in stores.

Cotton: This fabric has the greatest moisture absorption capacity. The natural fibers soak up the moisture. Unfortunately, they are slow drying.

Coconut fiber: The ecological variant of a dirt trap mat. The rough fibers mainly remove the coarse dirt from the shoe sole. Since coconut fiber cannot absorb moisture, it can withstand any weather and is well suited as an outdoor mat.

Rubber: A mat made of solid rubber does not contain fibers, is only used to wipe off dirt, and is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. They are very suitable for the outdoors. When buying, you should pay attention to a drainage option for moisture. A mat made of solid rubber is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Spaghetti mats: The pattern of these mats made of fine PVC cords is reminiscent of spaghetti. The resulting large surface brushes the dirt off the sole. There is no backing of the mat, and dirt and moisture can run off directly.

Artificial turf: an eye-catcher, especially for outdoors. Synthetic fiber has a high absorption capacity. An absorbent mat back prevents slipping.

What Do I Have To Consider When Cleaning?

Regular vacuuming of all types of mats is an essential first step. When it comes to removing stubborn dirt, every material has its specialty. Rubber, spaghetti, and artificial turf mats can be easily swept away with a sturdy broom. In the case of stubborn dirt, it can also be a hose or a high-pressure cleaner. To dry, hang upright over a rack or stand so that it can drain well. Coconut mats only need a firm broom to get clean again. You should not soak them completely.

In the case of mats with synthetic fiber or cotton fabric as the surface, the material of the back is decisive. Rubber can be washed easily in the washing machine, but the mat must not be larger than 50 x 80 cm. It is essential to use a mild detergent with a maximum temperature of approx: 30 degrees and no spin cycle. Vinyl becomes brittle in the washing machine. The only thing left here is cleaning in the bathtub with carpet foam.

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