6 Ways To Experience Luxury At Home (Without Breaking The Bank)

Luxury comes in many forms and is not always as a swimming pool tucked away in the west wing. In fact, without undermining the indulgence, there are a number of affordable luxuries that can help to transform a home entirely, allowing residents to revel in decadence without breaking the bank.

Such developments come in part from technology, the development of which has made previously extravagant home features more accessible, while others have quietly become more accessible due to dedicated interest. To demonstrate, we’re sharing six of our favourite ways you can bring luxury into your home, without breaking the bank.

Wine Cellar

Wine cellars have, historically, required cellars. However, this is no longer the case. Now, modest and refined wine cellars are being built directly into the floor of homes across the country. These cellars are typically designed with clear, glass doors that can be lifted open to reveal one’s assortment of temperature-controlled bottles.

Digital Locks

Losing your keys doesn’t need to be an issue any longer since now digital locks can be installed, allowing homeowners to use their face, fingerprint, or digital device to unlock their home. These digital locks also have the ability to alert the presence of unknown visitors too, similarly to the new wave of smart doorbells.

Private Cabin

Log cabins have long been associated with the bliss of rural life. The distance one must travel, however, has been considerably shortened, with cabins being available to install in a garden. By doing so, a home is given an entirely new space to make its own, whether to seek relaxation, work, or entertainment.

Virtual Assistants

We might be familiar with the digital assistants available on our phones but as technology progresses and smart homes become a reality, such support can be brought into our living spaces. Controlling various aspects of our spaces, from lighting to heating, can be done simply by asking a virtual assistant, as well as the well-known luxury features, such as placing orders and contacting friends.

Surface Texturing

Adding textures to your walls or ceiling, especially in the style of matt or chalky paints, you can make your home’s interior design stand out with decadence. The association with luxury comes from textured walls requiring clever plastering and considered design, however, now this is achievable with more affordable paint options. Homes can now be given a high-class stylistic makeover for only the cost of a paint can.

Cast Iron Ware

Offering guests heavy cutlery has been said to improve the experience of a meal, due to the impression that weight makes upon us. Taking this a step further, cast ironware, such as bowls, are becoming more popular and they have a similar effect. The food you serve also must be considered visually, and this is why many restaurants, especially high-end concepts, will also seek out cast iron options too.

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