3 Decorating Suggestions For a female Bathroom

Women have a tendency to take more time inside a bathroom than men which is comforting to possess a feminine decor that’s a manifestation of private style. Selections for feminine bathroom decor are the soft and romantic towards the bold and self-assured. The 3 decorating suggestions for a female bathroom below offer a bit of each style and therefore are easily customizable to match a ladies needs.


A flower theme instantly turns any bathroom right into a feminine bathroom. If the flowers are big and bold or dainty and modest, their mere presence results in a soft mood within the room. Pick design for flower which will accent the preferred mood to find the best fit.

Choose bold flowers like Hibiscus or Bougainvillea for any tropical beach feel. Shower curtain hooks, colorful bath mats and vibrant wall prints from the flowers will all tie the theme together. If searching for any softer feel towards the room, consider choosing Cabbage Roses to produce a romantic cottage chic decor. Creamy whites and mild pinks will reveal the femininity from the romantically flowered bathroom. There are lots of flower choices available, so make sure to investigate different choices for developing a feminine bathroom.

Polka Dots

Polka dots really are a girl’s closest friend. Choose favorite colors or school colors to color giant polka dots around the bathroom walls. Vary their wall placement to produce a fun and female look. Small polka dots could be colored around the ceiling for additional visual impact.

Accent the area having a polka us dot shower curtain, drapes, and sink accessories. Towels can be bought in whether polka us dot pattern or perhaps in solids that match the polka dots’ colors. Fun and female circular bath rugs will keep the tile floors warm while complimenting the polka us dot decor. Polka dots create an uplifting and cheerful feel to the bathroom space.

Glam Girl

To have an ultra-feminine bathroom produce a make-up artist’s studio. Fashion the permeate a make-up station with carefully organized drawers and boxes. Take a look at make-up artist booths at award shows and fashion shows for inspiration. Vibrant, round bulbs usually line the make-up mirror, so start with the mirror design when designing surroundings which are styled round the glam theme.

Vibrant bold colors, like hot pink and black, may be used in wall decor and paints. Paint the walls in thick, vertical stripes of pink and black to produce a luxurious feel towards the room. Make certain the shower curtain, drapes and toilet mats all compliment the appearance that’s attempting to be performed. Think fashion, glamour and luxury whenever using the Glam Girl design.

There are a number of choices and designs readily available for decorating a female bathroom, so make certain that selected decor compliments the lady who definitely are while using room most frequently. Decorating magazines can frequently give good visual inspiration for lavatory design and decor, too. Have some fun while decorating a female bathroom and relish the visually pleasing results having a lengthy, bubble bath soak when it’s completed.

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