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We Offer a Homicide Cleanup Service

When a homicide happens, those most closely impacted by it should not be the ones to clean it up. They are involved in handling the raw emotions they will need to focus on working through. We partner with local authorities and community agencies to offer a homicide cleanup service that

Death Scene Cleanup Service: What It Really Entails

Cleaning up a death scene is a job many would shy away from. This job takes a pedestal level of professionalism, detail, the heart and most importantly, the stomach for it. Not many would have the ability to sanitize the vicinity which hosted the last moments of a person they

Why should you invest in commercial real estate property?

The trend of investing in commercial real estate properties has grown significantly in the past few years. A lot of investors around the world are investing in commercial properties than the residential ones for various reasons. Moreover, as per the records spending in commercial real estate properties have brought the

How and Why Radon Training is Important?

Steps for Earning Radon Certification 1) The first step is to take an authorized access degree path.  All of CERTI publications are authorized by means of NRPP for access stage and for Continuing Education. CERTI courses are handy on-line publications allowing you to take the path at your own pace. There